Meet The Team

Tim Pillay

Head Of IT

Over Seven years ago, the company welcomed a dynamic and forward-thinking individual to lead its Information Technology (IT) department.

Timothy Pillay, the head of IT, brought with him a wealth of experience and a vision for transforming the company’s technological landscape.

When Tim first stepped into his role, the company’s IT infrastructure faced numerous challenges Outdated systems, inefficient processes, and a lack of innovation were hindering progress.

However, Tim saw these challenges as opportunities to make a significant impact.

Under Tim’s leadership, the IT department became a hub of innovation.

He fostered a culture of continuous learning, encouraging his team to stay abreast of the latest technological developments.

This emphasis on professional development not only elevated the skills of his team but also positioned the company at the forefront of industry trends.

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Other members of the team

Finn O'Connor

Head of Site

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Brandon Bailing

Head of Operations

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Nardeem Essop

Head of People

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Brandon Naidoo​

Head of Performance​

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Danielle Ramdhani

Development Centre Manager

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Keagan Kyle Rajcoomar​

Dialler and Bi Manager​

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Nikita Nel​

HR & Payroll​

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Leah Govindasamy​


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Rhea Ephraim


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Caitlin Reddy


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