Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer service outsourcing is an effective strategy for businesses looking to either maintain or improve their customer experience while managing costs efficiently. By outsourcing your customer service requirements enables you to high quality support agents that can actually improve your customers experience with your brand.

Outsourcing customer service operations offers more than just expert handling of your customer interactions. It’s a cost-effective solution that reduces the financial challenges associated with maintaining in-house customer service infrastructure, including their necessary equipment and operational expenses.

Outsourcing to a customer service outsourcing company like Consumer Links, allows you to dedicate your focus to core business functions, whilst growing your bottom line.

In summary, choosing to outsource customer service can assist you in delivering an improved customer experience, whilst maintaining high-quality service standards and reducing operational costs.

Outsourced call centre services

Dedicated Inbound and
Outbound Calls Team

Customer interactions are an ever changing dynamic, especially with the different mediums used to manage the customer experience.


One of the most essential elements for any customer service teams is being able to provide high-quality inbound answering services.As an experienced customer service outsourcing provider, we can deliver high quality customer support teams that can help you boost customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

Our call center service ensures that your business never misses a call, something that isn't always possible when your business is growing aggressively.

You can take advantage of customer service outsourcing by partnering with Consumer Links.

Customer Service Center

You're gaining access to a modern and operational call center that is designed specifically to cater to what your business requires, 


ready to provide excellent customer service to your customers.

Our Customer Service Center is equipped with:

-State-of-the-art global telephony
-Fully recorded and archived call platform
-Integrated customer service software

-Leading technological infrastructure
-Multiple Failover Operations
-Fully integrated data protection protocol
-Customisable interactive voice responses (IVR)

Our Customer Service
Outsourcing Team

Alongside our excellent technology infrastructure are highly qualified customer service representatives, ready to deliver and maintain quality customer support.


All our center agents are highly proficient in the art of conversation, and deliver highly effective customer engagement to our current clients who utilise our outsourced customer service.

Our omnichannel customer service enables your business to provide support services to your customer base over several mediums.

From handling high volumes of inbound calls to live chat and email support, our contact center to find can provide expertise that provide an premium customer experience.

Your Customer
Is Our Customer

One thing that is never take for granted at Consumer Links, is the knowledge of how much effort your business has put into acquiring customers to be engaged with your brand.



As an experienced outsourcing partner, it is not lost on us that for some of our clients we are the first point of contact customers may experience with your brand.

Our customer service team are fully trained on this importance, and is a key driver of how we deliver an unrivalled customer service solution that reflects positively on the brands we partner with.

We know that customer service isn't just answering customer inquiries. It's about ensuring that every touchpoint your customer has with your brand provides value, and encourages customer loyalty.

Our customer service professionals go above and beyond to create this outcome.

Outsourcing Customer Service

Customer service isn’t just a product to us. It’s in our DNA.

Our customer centric approach separates us as a leading outsourced customer service provider.

Inbound customer service

As companies scale, so do their requirements for additional customer service needs.

More sales, more calls.

Therefore, it is extremely common for small businesses that business growth could be increasing quicker than your current company structure can facilitate.

Although this is a great problem to be experiencing in the long run, the short term growing pains can attribute to poor customer service which can lead to negative reviews, which will have an impact on your brand.

Finding the right partner for your outsourced customer support can help you route customer interactions to high quality agents. This outsourced team can help you maintain great customer service, maintain customer satisfaction and minimise any negative online attention.

Our inbound services include:

  • Answering customer queries

  • Order processing

  • Technical support

  • Upselling and cross-selling

  • Billing support

  • Customer retention

  • After hours support (24/7 operation)

  • After sales assistance

  • Call overflow

  • Disaster recovery support

Outbound Customer Service

Consumer Links provides a full range of outbound customer service solutions, so you can focus on your strengths within the business while knowing you are still delivering the best customer service.

Utlilizing our customer service operation for outbound functions is a powerful solution to improve efficiency and deliver positive customer interaction, while also realising cost savings.

Our outbound customer service includes:

  • Welcome calls

  • Follow up resolutions

  • Customer surveys

  • Market research

  • Promotions

  • Event registration

Live Chat Support

In the modern era, it is not uncommon for customers to prefer to resolve their issues digitally rather than on the telephone.

Our outsourced customer service teams can be deployed 24/7 to provide live chat support and other services for your customer base.

Messenger mediums such as Live Chat and WhatsApp business can be a great way to provide prompt, efficient customer service to your customers.

This minimises customer experiencing holding times waiting to get through to one of your customer support agents.

Email Support

Email support is sometimes the preferred method for customers issues. Typically, this is when the interaction has to be explained in more detail and be understood with clarity.

Our Email support service allows your business to outsource the entire email function of your business.

Our email support services can assist with:

  • Order confirmation

  • Billing inquiries

  • Customer service tickets

  • Technical support issues

  • Product information request


Our customer support team are highly literate and fully equipped to handle customer requests and complaints via email, leaving you content that your customers will receive a satisfactory experience.

Social Media Support

Social media customer support is becoming a popular way for customers to reach out about issues, but for some businesses the responses on social media can be slow.

Our social media support team ensures your audience are receiving the best customer service.

This services include:

  • Monitoring and replying to comments and messages

  • Resolving customer complaints

  • Answering product questions

  • Providing customer support

  • Posting updates


Social media for some is now the go to communication medium between brands and customers.

It’s vital for companies to maintain standards across platforms in order to gather a good reputation.

Back Office Support

In addition to our customer-facing services, we also offer a full range of back office support services that contribute to a good customer service solution.

This can include:

  • Order processing

  • Billing and invoicing

  • Customer database management

  • Quality assurance

Outsourcing the back office functions associated with customer services is an great way to stay efficient and free up resources that can be directed to other areas of your business.

Why Outsource Customer Service To Consumer Links?

Customer service outsourcing companies are easy to find, but one with proven experience of successful campaigns with well-known brands are not.

Our business process outsourcing solutions come with some key advantages that sets us apart from the rest.

Outsourced Benefits. UK Protection.

Consumer Links is registered and managed in Manchester, UK, with our call center based in Durban, South Africa.


Although our outsourced customer service is handled in South Africa, it is managed by a UK director who permanently resides in our Durban office.

The significant advantage to our customers because of this structure is that you can outsource customer service and the cost savings associated, whilst having the protection and security of UK legislation.

In addition, if you are a UK based operation it means we can be onsite in your UK offices to deliver and assist you with information within reports, as well as discuss any feedback for improvement you have considered.

Full Transparency

Transparency is a core belief of ours. To give you full oversight of operations, we provide your business 


full administrative access so you can have real time visibility and monitor performance.

Our customer service management team will provide you with reporting and meetings however frequent you desire.

Our aim is giving you as much information as possible to ensure performance within the partnership is meeting your key performance indicators.

This enables your business should you wish, full control over the customer service outsourcing team, being able to manage the department as if it were an extension of your own in-house team.

Cost Savings

Not only do we free up your valuable time, but we also provide significant reductions in your costs.


Choosing to outsource customer service functions can be some of the most cost-effective solutions your business can consider, especially within our highly competitive pricing.

With savings for some businesses as much as 65% lower, these freed up resources can be reallocated to develop other areas of business such as product development, increasing marketing or even addition recruitment in other areas.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

As an experienced outsourced customer service partner, we understand that business demands change over time.


This is why all our services offer flexibility within our agreements.

As you experience surges in customer support traffic, our call centers can scale to match your business needs.

This ensures your business remains agile and responsive to customer demand, whilst only paying for the staff you require.

High-Quality Results
With Lower Costs

Our South African customer service outsourcing operations are managed by an experienced call centre director from our UK branch,


who is permanently based in our Durban office. This structure enables continually high service levels, and ensures our team remain at the forefront with the latest industry developments, technologies and trends.

Our team does not have a 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to providing outsourcing services. Rather than that we have a dedicated customer service operation who focus only on this subject.

By solely focusing on just one key area, our team have become experts in delivering a service that your business needs. Our customers have found that this transpires into a better customer experience and greater customer satisfaction.

Time Zones That Boost Your Business

South Africa sits on a very strategic time zone, which is typically a key pain point businesses find when collaboration occurs over regions.


At Consumer Links, we believe different time zones can create powerful options too.

Operating across different time zones allows stimulation of business activity for more hours each day. In our Durban call centre we are only 1-2 hours ahead (Daylight saving dependant) of the UK.

When choosing to outsource customer service functions, the South African time zone can aid collaboration, meetings and ensure our management are available for your business.

A Shared Language

A common reservation when outsourcing customer service to offshore call centers is the fear of creating language barriers.


When outsourcing to some regions, this can indeed ring true and it may be challenging to understand accents or cultural differences.

South Africa however does not share this problem.

In a country where English is the common tongue accompanied by a 'neutral accent', South Africa represents a significant improvement in comparison to other regions. Your customers can easily understand the agent, and vice versa.

Using our outsourcing customer service center in Durban, allows you to side step these issues and access third party provider who can replicate in house employees.

In summary, South Africa gives you the opportunity to reduce language barrier challenges in comparison to other outsourcing customer service providers.

Highly Skilled Workforce

Our company operates a thorough vetting process that ensures only high quality agents serve you outsourcing campaign.


Our team are skilled and professional as standard.

However our recruitment process goes deeper than this.

Our staff are typically from higher education, and have extensive experience working within the customer service industry.

Being in a metropolitan region such as Durban gains us access to a large pool of experienced customer service candidates, allowing us to choose only the best of the best to work on our clients projects.

In addition to this, we pride our ourselves at being at the forefront of measuring quality when it comes to outsourcing customer service.

This is why we invest in regular training for our employees so we can maintain a higher level of service that exceeds what can be achieved by hiring an in-house team.

Stringent Data Protection

Data security is a key component in why we're known as one of the best customer service outsourcing companies.


Being UK based means we are governed by UK law. This ensures all our operations regardless of location adhere to all data protection protocols. This includes General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our strict internal policy also keeps your data safe. Only employees requiring access to your company data will be able to obtain information, and is stored securely on our network.

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As customer service is a key component of any operating business, our client base outsourcing to our Durban customer support team is broad.

Our clients cover most sectors requiring assistance from customer service outsourcing companies, and sectors include;

This list is not extensive. However it gives you an understanding that whatever your industry is, our experience far exceeds that of other customer service outsourcing companies.

No matter what your sector is, our team will consult with you to assess the right services your business operations require.

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