Meet The Team

Leah Govindasamy


Leah joined Consumer Links in October 2020 as a customer service representative and immediately showed the potential of having a promising future within the business.

Leah’s ongoing exceptional performance as an advisor and her hunger to grow soon saw her being promoted to a Trainer.

Leah has since gone on to become a vital pillar within the Development Centre that was launched in September 2023.

Leah has played a crucial role in onboarding our first USA client as well as supporting our new staff across the business during their development phase.

Leah’s knowledge of all the campaigns and her rigorous approach to coaching has been instrumental in setting up our new hires for success

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Other members of the team

Finn O'Connor

Head Of Site

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Nardeem Essop

Head of People

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Brandon Naidoo​

Head of Performance​

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Brandon Bailing

Head of Operations

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Tim Pillay

Head of IT

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Danielle Ramdhani

Development Centre Manager

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Keagan Kyle Rajcoomar

Dialler & Bi Manager

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Nikita Nel​

HR & Payroll​

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Rhea Ephraim


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Caitlin Reddy


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