Meet The Team

Brandon Bailing

Head of Operations

Brandon Bailing is an integral part of our BPO call centre team, whose expertise and commitment elevate our operations.

Brandon’s communication prowess, both written and verbal, serves as the cornerstone of our client interactions, fostering relationships built on clarity and professionalism.

His ability to thrive under pressure is a testament to his resilience and dedication, ensuring that even in demanding situations, Brandon maintains a steadfast professional approach.

A true self-starter, Brandon exhibits an impressive ability to work independently and meet deadlines, providing the foundation for efficient and timely deliverables.

Commercially astute, Brandon not only understands the intricacies of our industry but also possesses the unique ability to inspire and motivate his colleagues to surpass company targets.

In the fast-paced world of our call centre, Brandon’s analytical and forward-thinking mindset shines through.

His knack for identifying issues swiftly and proactively resolving them contributes to the seamless flow of our operations.

Demonstrating a proven track record, Brandon consistently achieves and exceeds company targets, showcasing his commitment to driving success.

Within our dynamic environment, Brandon Bailing emerges as a driving force, embodying qualities that align with our commitment to excellence.

His presence enriches our team, ensuring that we not only meet but surpass expectations, making Brandon an invaluable asset to our BPO call centre.

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Other members of the team

Finn O'Connor

Head Of Site

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Nardeem Essop

Head of People

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Brandon Naidoo​

Head of Performance​

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Tim Pillay

Head of IT

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Danielle Ramdhani

Development Centre Manager

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Keagan Kyle Rajcoomar​

Dialler and Bi Manager​

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Nikita Nel​

HR & Payroll​

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Leah Govindasamy​


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Rhea Ephraim


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Caitlin Reddy


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