South Africa Making Strides for Human Rights and Business Development

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The South African landscape is known for its incredible citizens and vibrant communities, not to mention astonishing nature and a culture so unique that it can inspire anyone to visit locations such as Mzansi.

Everything from 12 official languages and abundant wildlife to memorable locations like Table Mountain towering over the Cape Town landscape in the Western Cape province sets the scene for a beautiful nation that has continued to thrive, moving on from past challenges towards a promising future.

This week marks the public holiday of Human Rights Day, and is a celebration of the marked progression of the Country’s future.

Making Change – Inspired by Human Rights Day and Beyond

Celebrating Human Rights Day annually, South Africans can reflect on how progress was made to protect human rights.

It reminds South Africans to enjoy yet respect their rights today as they champion equality, dignity, freedom of movement, the right to language and culture, and the right to life.

The progressive constitution has inspired South Africans to remember those who fought for liberation and played a key role in the rights that every South African can enjoy today.

Human Rights Day is a precious reminder of the importance of a democratic government, and even more so, the importance of basic human rights, to remind South Africans of a universal declaration where human rights culture is championed.

It also highlights equal protection for every citizen and how South Africans came together to end racial discrimination through democratic processes.

Shaping the way for the South African workforce

One aspect that has undoubtedly defined South Africa in the past decades is how opportunities have flourished across the country in the business environment.

Inclusive socio economic development and the goal to foster greater social cohesion are at the core of the country’s future and goal to harness opportunities in a modern economy.

This includes the outsourcing industry, among others.

Skilled workers in business process outsourcing (BPO) flourishing

A recent article on the South African government’s official website noted that South Africa has become an appealing destination for industries such as business process outsourcing (BPO) and customer experience.

This article also highlighted that 2023 saw the country being ranked in second place as one of the most favoured offshore destinations for customer experience delivery.

South Africa has certainly seen the potential for BPO, with the government investing over R3 billion in the growth of this industry since 2016.

Now, it has the prospect of creating around 500,000 jobs in the outsourcing industry by 2030. 

Providing services to businesses across borders

South African online news outlet Business Tech recently reported how McKinsey, in 2020, stated that the country was the second most attractive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) setting globally and that the industry was also poised to grow by 3% per year.

South Africans are also known for their incredible work ethic and dedication when it comes to their professional careers, which deliver high-quality services at an exceptional level.

Also, local professionals have a reputation for having exceptional problem-solving skills and innovation.

Skills development initiatives to empower the local workforce

The South African government has implemented several processes to equip its citizens with the skills needed to excel in the workforce.

These include*:

  • Expansion of vocational education and training systems through implementing the three-stream model’s approved curriculum.

  • University internships for 3,000 university graduates for work experience

  • Funding to place 168 000 beneficiaries in short-skills programmes

  • 220 000+ workplace-based learning opportunities for young people

  • 105 000+ bursaries for learners and educators for study to develop scarce skills


Also, the government is committed to empowering the youth through skills development linked to the opportunities in the South African business landscape.

It was announced this year that the National Skills Fund will provide R800 million to develop skills in the digital and technology sector.

South Africa – Dedicated to developing a bright future

With an evident dedication to creating an agile workforce and local initiatives such as the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention (PYEI) program, the Youth Employment Service (YES) program, and the SA Youth Mobi platform, the future looks promising for young professionals.

Along with the opportunities to provide services to businesses abroad, the prospects of professionals in South Africa continue to look promising, with several opportunities to explore nation-building democracy.

Today, we reflect on how far South Africa has come, inspired by recent Human Rights Day celebrations on an iconic date, and how human dignity and a shared national identity have culminated into a healthy environment.

Many countries can now witness the freedom South African citizens enjoy, whether thriving in local careers or building remote careers with companies worldwide.

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