8 Ways Outsourcing Customer Support Helps Your Business

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Customer support is the cornerstone of any business.

A great customer experience, thanks to a reliable service provided by a dedicated team that can assist with a fast resolution for any concern or request, can certainly boost customer satisfaction rate and a company’s reputation.

In addition, it can also lead to more potential sales for a company.

According to a recent survey, about 68% of customers would be willing to pay more for a service or product from companies with proven positive customer experiences.

Another survey revealed that three out of five customers list excellent customer service as a critical factor that would make them stay loyal to a brand.

One business strategy that can ensure that this smooth equilibrium of customer care is perfectly maintained is to consider customer outsourcing, where a company can work with a great partner with specialized knowledge in customer care.

This support team can contribute to business success, customer satisfaction and boost company revenue.

In this article, we take a look at how an outsourced customer support team can help your business with a reliable service and what results you can expect when you invest in these specialized services.

What Is Customer Support Outsourcing?

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Outsourced customer support outsourcing is when a business assigns tasks such as managing inbound and outbound calls or even call center services to a third-party provider.

This provider can be hired via nearshoring or offshoring and can provide various customer support tasks as needed by a business.

Some examples of this include technical support, live chat support, managing a help desk, custom queries and phone systems.

Working with an outsourcing provider allows many businesses to have more opportunities to manage customer queries and customer calls, which can help them achieve success and reach their business goals.

Is Customer Support Outsourcing The Same As Business Process Outsourcing?

Customer support outsourcing is one service area of business process outsourcing (BPO) known for enhancing brand reputation with customers and delivering on business needs where standard services need to be performed.

Therefore, it can be seen as BPO, specifically focusing on working as a point of contact for customers, no matter where they are based.

What Are The Advantages Of Outsourcing Customer Service?

Customer support outsourcing can be a very successful organic extension of a company by working with a great partner.

Here are eight ways that outsourcing customer support helps many businesses provide a consistent quality service.

Saving costs while getting an expert service

Choosing customer support outsourcing means hiring an in-house team is unnecessary, as a significant portion of support tasks can be managed externally.

Companies do not have to spend money on training or onboarding new employees, as their support team already has all the expertise needed to provide exceptional customer support.

24/7 Support, across various time zones

One of the key benefits of outsourcing customer support is that a company benefits from more extensive customer support hours and that varying time zones between a business and an outsourced provider will not negatively impact service delivery.

This means that customers can easily get in touch with customer support as needed without needing to wait for hours to get through to a support agent.

Fast response time without delays

Handling customer queries in house can take a lot of time and effort from team members.

Also, if there are high volumes of customer calls, there could be a delay in response time, which can negatively impact a company’s reputation.

However, with customer support outsourcing, a trusted partner can provide a fast response time and a fast resolution for any questions from clients who need timely information.

This can be a key driver for instilling a positive view of a company and boosting its reputation.

Tailor-made services for businesses

A company’s customer support needs vary depending on its business model, services and products, as well as its overall scope.

Customer service outsourcing can be adapted to suit these varying needs, whether to improve a customer satisfaction rate or having a contact center model where any client can always reach a help desk for the information they need.

Working with the right service provider will ensure that a business can get great professional and knowledgeable support that aligns with business goals.

A customer experience that benefits key business areas

Sales support can be one of the most critical factors when a client decides whether to invest in a company’s product or service.

When they get quick assistance and a great response time via a help desk, they will be more inclined to view a business as one they would like to support, as it clearly has their best interests at heart.

No language barriers in customer support

A big concern that a business might have about support outsourcing is that there could be a language barrier, which could put off clients when they need to interact with a help desk and feel there is a weakness in communication.

Luckily, customer support outsourcing provides an incredible service and professional delivery.

Outsourcing companies employ agents who always conduct business with a professional tone and approachable mindset.

They know the importance of a help desk that conveys a professional image, and as part of the “show window” of a business, they ensure that there is never any doubt that clients are interacting with a high quality team.

No data security concerns

Sensitive business data must be protected at all times, and customer support outsourcing can ensure that all your company information is kept safe and managed correctly.

When you choose the right customer service outsourcing partner, you can be assured that there will be no data security concerns and that all valuable company information, including client data, will be protected.

Relief for an in house team that is stretched thin

Whether it is email support or needing IT staff support, in house teams could need help with answering queries from customers during times of high workloads.

Outsourcing teams can assist a business with ensuring that customers can get the best support, while in house staff can focus better on their core competencies knowing that customers are always in good hands.

What Should I Look Out For When Hiring An External Customer Support Team?

outsourcing or in house

When working with an outsourcing company there are some considerations to remember.

Proven results and success rates

As a first step when you plan to outsource customer service, you need to carefully review what past clients of providers have said about their experiences with specific providers.

This will help you only consider outsourcing companies that have a high customer satisfaction rate and can benefit your company’s reputation.

Frequency of service delivery

As mentioned above, most customer support outsourcing companies can provide a 24/7 service.

Therefore, you must decide whether this is what you have in mind or whether you are only looking for set time frames for customer interactions.

Language preference

Language barriers are not usually an issue with most customer support outsourcing providers.

It is important, though, that you consider what your main language of correspondence would be, as well as whether you will need a bilingual partner who can provide additional client support by communicating in their preferred language.

Business goals

The services you choose from your customer support outsourcing partner need to closely align with what you want to achieve for your company.

Some of these services could include help desk functions, phone or live chat support, or even IT staff support as needed.

You must know the key core competencies you are looking for and hire a provider with these services as appropriate.

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Have a look below at some of our most frequently asked questions.

Which call center services might a business choose to outsource?

Business needs vary depending on various factors such as business size and the scope of customer support needed.

Typical tasks that customer support outsourcing can assist with include help desk assistance, customer queries, email support, phone systems, call center tasks or any other services.

Are outsourced call center support services expensive?

As with any outsourced business strategy, a company can agree upon a contract with a customer support team that suits its budget.

Outsourcing can help companies to save costs, as they can determine a set price, and do not need to hire any extra team members in house or be responsible for training.

What are some examples of businesses that outsource customer service?

Many businesses, including retailers, financial organizations, and other technology-based companies, invest in outsourced services.

Are there language barriers when it comes to outsourcing customer service?

Outsourcing allows you to access customer support in multiple languages, which can enhance the overall client experience.

Will I need any extra business infrastructure if I hire an external customer support team?

Not at all – the company you choose to work with will already have all the needed equipment for the services you need to perform.

Is it a wise choice to outsource a help desk for my business?

An always-available help desk will ensure that customers can get in touch with your outsource partner team as needed.

When you outsource this part of your business, you can be assured that no customer will ever be waiting on the other end of a phone extension, as their calls will be attended to swiftly.

Can I save money if I outsource customer service?

Cost saving is undoubtedly a benefit of outsourcing. As you will be hiring an experienced team at a set price, costs can remain within budget, and you can be assured that customers always get great service.

Is customer support outsourcing basically a call center?

Typical call center functions can certainly be part of your outsourcing services, but there are several services for customers that an external provider can manage. It is best to discuss your business needs with your provider of choice to ensure you get tasks as required, including email support, IT services, phone call management, or any other service.

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