Case Study

Arcadia Group

The client brief

UK Consumer Links entered a tender process to support Arcadia Group (Burtons, Topman, TopShop, Dorothy Perkins and Evans) with an OmniChannel customer service campaign. This included their Social Media and Email Customer Services.

The Social Media queries were wide ranging and covered multiple aspects of customer service and business enquiries.

All business enquiries were to be acknowledged & escalated to UK Business Development. Whilst all customer service queries were to be dealt with where possible.

The customer service queries fell in to 2 key categories: “Where is my order?” & “Where is my refund?”. Our anticipated escalation rate was 15-20%.

SA performance

During the first 3 months the campaign achieved consistency.

A key factor in the positive performance achieved by the team was the robust and in-depth initial training provided to the team and the regular workshops providing updates on each seasonal offer or trend.

The figures below are overall averages taken from the End of Day Reports that are published from the Management in SA to the client in the UK.

Team Averages

Average Response Time

  • of up to 300 Seconds during the first 2 weeks
  • up to 275 seconds during week 3 and 4
  • up to 250 seconds week 5 >

Average Escalation %

  • up to 20% during the first 2 weeks
  • up to 15% during week 3 and 4
  • up to 10% week 5 >


The campaign was going very well and over the period of time we worked with Arcadia we provided them with a solid foundation to operate from. Our flexible resource fluxed from as low as 25 FTE to as high as 100 FTE as the campaign evolved through their peaks and troughs.

As Arcadia Group started to disband, key stakeholders involved in the campaign have contacted us within their new businesses and we are now working with other retail firms to deliver similar campaigns.

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