Fiji Outsourcing or South Africa? Everything you need to know

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Did you know that many big-name companies, such as ANZ Bank and Hertz, have used outsourced services from Fiji?

Or that the size of the South African business process outsourcing market was worth USD 2.16 billion in 2022, which is expected to hit USD 6.49 billion by 2031?

Both South Africa and Fiji are popular destinations for outsourcing services.

South Africa was named one of the ‘most favored offshore CX (Customer Experience) delivery locations’ in 2022 in the yearly Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey. One of the most popular areas in this country that businesses often outsource is Durban on the country’s east coast.

Additionally, South Africa was awarded “Offshore Destination of the Year” at the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) Awards in 2018.

On the other hand, Fiji has proved itself to be a significant player in the outsourcing industry in the Pacific islands. In fact, the Fiji BPO industry has injected around AUS $150 million yearly into the Fiji economy, with this number set to grow.

For Australian businesses, both South African and Fiji outsourcing can be prime considerations for connecting with service delivery experts.

This article looks at these well-performing settings in the global outsourcing hub and the benefits of outsourcing to either destination.

First, let’s review the Australian outsourcing industry.

Why do Australian businesses outsource to overseas providers?

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Many Australian companies consider outsourcing due to its benefits or reducing operational costs while accessing a highly skilled workforce.

This already makes both Fiji and South Africa fantastic considerations as an outsourcing destination, as both locations are known for the exceptional talent pool resources that they provide.

The appeal of the global market can also not be denied. The thriving outsourcing industry offers several service delivery options without spending endless hours on in-house hires.

Access to the global outsourcing sector enables businesses in Australia and its neighboring countries in the South Pacific region to be more efficient, productive, and maintain better business continuity.

How can Australia benefit from outsourcing services to Fiji and South Africa?

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There are enormous opportunities to get services at competitive rates from South Africa and Fiji’s outsourcing industry sectors.

Here are some advantages of each region to consider.

Benefits of outsourcing to Fiji

outsourcing fiji benefits

A small yet powerful workforce

Fiji provides a small yet dedicated, motivated talent pool of skilled young workers who are up to date with the latest technology needed to perform their duties successfully.

This aptitude for using the latest tech is vital when working remotely for an external partner, as tasks can be completed smoothly without a barrier to using digital tools.

No language barrier

Thanks to the English language being one of the official languages of Fiji, Australian businesses can rest assured that there will be no language barrier in both services and client communication.

The Fiji BPO industry sector’s high proficiency in English ensures that all business processes can be conducted professionally with no barrier to smooth and clear communication.

Trusted infrastructure and resources

Fiji has a trusted Internet network with stable access to the Southern Cross cable network. This means that outsourced teams can easily stay connected when they need to deliver services to their clients abroad.

Together with its high-speed network, Fiji also has the necessary infrastructure with office spaces set up and ready for several outsourcing tasks.

A dedication to customer service

Fiji’s outsourcing industry is known for standout support services. The Fiji outsourcing services community is known for high working standards and excellent customer service skills.

They are known for friendly customer service and an inherent service culture.

A smaller time zone difference

For Australian businesses that prioritize proximity when it comes to outsourcing operations, smaller time zone differences will likely be an essential factor when considering which provider to use.

Fiji is about one hour ahead of Canberra, which is close to Australia’s time zone. This can make it a strategic move for those businesses that need providers that operate in the same timeframes as they do.

Benefits of outsourcing to South Africa

Lower labour costs, but with high-quality output

Australian businesses can save substantially on business costs when choosing South Africa as their preferred outsourcing destination.

Thanks to a favourable exchange rate, it can be easy to stay within budget while paying outsourced South African partners a reasonable rate aligned with market expectations.

Highly educated workforce

Many of South Africa’s outsourcing providers employ university graduates, meaning overseas employers can benefit from a skilled workforce with notable educational backgrounds.

Excellent language skills

South Africa is known for having 12 official languages (which include sign language). English is often used as a business language, and most South Africans are highly skilled in it.

Also, South Africans, whether English is their mother tongue or not, have a very neutral English accent, making it easy for professional communication.

Trustworthy fibre Internet connection

Internet infrastructure in South Africa is robust and fast, allowing outsourcing providers to conduct their business promptly.

Being equipped with all the needed tools to communicate with clients across the globe is of the utmost importance. With a South African outsourcing provider, you can rest assured that your chosen team will always be in the best possible situation to provide an excellent output.

Time zone lends itself to extra business hours

Although South Africa is a couple of hours behind Australia’s time zone, its location provides the benefit of extra or extended business hours.

In other words, even if your business in Australia or New Zealand closes shop at 5pm, an outsourced team can still perform duties for additional hours as they will likely be working until at least the same time in their time zone.

Business process outsourcing in Fiji versus South Africa: Which option should you choose?

Choosing between two destinations for outsourcing work can be challenging when both settings you are considering are almost equally matched in terms of their business offering.

Let’s compare how Fiji and South Africa stack up.

Fiji: A proficient workforce but a smaller talent pool

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Many of Fiji’s outsourced team members have a tertiary background, and some have studied at the Fiji National University. This means that outsourcing partners in this setting are educated and can provide a high level of service.

Fiji’s outsourcing sector is also known for its inherent service culture, which makes outsourcing a natural consideration for many young professionals.

That being said, there are some considerations to remember if you are thinking about working with outsourced teams. As Fiji is a smaller country, its talent pool is also smaller than other more prominent countries, which means some outsourcing options might be limited.

Also, Fiji sometimes faces infrastructure challenges, which could impact operations negatively.

However, if you are looking for a specific call centre or similar outsourcing tasks for smaller businesses, Fijian culture, known for its warm and friendly nature, can significantly enhance your business operations.

South Africa: Opportunities galore with exceptional services to choose from

australia outsourcing to south africa

South Africa is a vibrant country filled with opportunities for business partners to work with outsourced teams in various niches.

From customer service outsourcing centres and data processing to finance tasks such as payroll processing and debt recovery, South Africa’s professional landscape is filled with eager professionals ready to assist businesses with high-quality services.

One infrastructure issue South Africa faces is load-shedding (rotational power cuts), which could impact business operations. However, most leading businesses rely on solar power, generators, or other equipment to ensure that there is no interruption in services.

South Africans have proven their resilience regarding these intermittent power challenges and how they can deliver high-quality work with a skilled workforce.

Conclusion – Where Should I Outsource, Fiji or South Africa?

outsource fiji south africa

Fiji and South Africa both have several benefits for outsourcing business functions.

For smaller projects, a Fiji partner could be useful for businesses in Australia.

However, South African outsourcing companies might be a more robust cultural fit with more variety to choose from regarding service options.

It is best to research various companies before assessing reviews that attest to the results achieved.

If you need more information about outsourcing solutions, do not hesitate to contact our team today – we would be happy to guide you in the best solutions for your business.

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